What does it take to be a winner? The answer is Absolute Perfection.

This year, Absolute Perfection had the honor of being named one of the INC 5000, which is the small business magazine’s comprehensive list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. What puts Absolute Perfection in league with other INC 5000 companies crushing their journey toward the American dream? They built a dynamic organization from the ground up, delivering innovative products and excellent service.

Read on to learn more about AP Corp making this exclusive list.

INC 5000: Great Minds

In order to be named to the INC 5000, companies must have been creating revenue since 2014, with a minimum revenue of $2 million in 2017. All of the companies on the list this year grew by at least 50% in the last three years. This is no small accomplishment, considering that over 50% of all small businesses fail within the first four years, and only 40% are actually profitable. Absolute Perfection boasted a 2017 revenue of $5.5 million, with a three-year growth of 145%. The company boasts 36 top-of-their-game employees. Around eighty percent of the companies who made the list have been in business for at least seven years, reminding startup hopefuls to be patient. Building a skilled, motivated staff, courting key customers, and acquiring a steady cash flow will not happen right away.

To quote one of Inc’s writers, “overnight success requires about seven years of hard work.” Absolute Perfection has been in business since 2001, training its small team of employees to be competent at delivering excellent service and flawless products. Sustained growth is important, and Absolute Perfection also made the list of fastest-growing companies in 2015 and 2016.

More Honors

This is not the first time that Absolute Perfection was recognized for its excellence. Absolute Perfection was also named one of Window Film Magazine’s Top Window Film Dealers in 2018. The dealers were selected based on their 2017 sales. Writer Tara Taffera singled out Absolute Perfection in the report, stating that “Absolute Perfection saw the largest increase–77 percent–by a big margin.”

In 2017, the company brought its three diverse divisions–window film, graphics, and digital marketing–under the umbrella of a unified brand with a single logo, also attracting the attention of Window Film Magazine. The company’s website was re-written to showcase the spirit of collaboration and excellence now united across divisions.

In 2014, Absolute Perfection was named Llumar Dealer Film’s Supplier of the Year. That same year, they attracted Window Film Magazine’s attention for their investment in a $150,000 HP Scitex printer. The purchase allowed them to begin supplying wholesale materials for corporations nationwide.

The Secret Sauce

In order for a graphic design business to be successful, it needs to offer innovative solutions to real problems. AP printing is always ahead of this game. Since its inception, clients have been turning to Absolute Perfection to provide a safe, affordable alternative to blinds, shades, and frosted glass. For example, the Cleveland Clinic was looking for a cost-effective way to save money on privacy curtains. When hospital staff moved between patients rooms, they risked carrying infectious bacteria that they had contracted when pulling back the curtains. While disposable curtains and frosted glass would have been expensive, window film was affordable and effective. It was installed in about twenty-four hours.

When residential customers are considering installing window film, safety and budget are a large part of their decision-making process. Custom window treatments, including blinds, curtains, or shades, can cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars. By contrast, custom window film serves many purposes and looks modern and stylish while incurring only a fraction of the cost. And the film is for so much more than privacy. Solar control film can block up to 70% of the sun’s heat, saving customers heat and air-conditioning costs of up to 50%. Protective window film also prevents the fading of valuable furniture and upholstery and provides UV protection.

A Cut Above

Absolute Protection sets itself apart by providing film no one else can. For example, the film for the West End Apartments in North Carolina was printed on an HP 550 flatbed printer. They are one of the few companies in the nation that have this kind of equipment. Rare and exceptional materials are what make the Absolute Perfection brand so successful. And that’s only the beginning. Absolute Perfection is a company that does its research and seeks to meet the changing needs of a technological workspace. For example, Casper Cloaking offers security for meetings held in an open office space. Anti-graffiti film provides a shield for external damage to commercial buildings. Wall murals for home and office have a flawless, modern look that saves customers money on artwork and paint applications. Frost film for showers provides privacy while maintaining the sleek glass structure.

AP also offers innovative automotive products. Windshield protection offers improved visibility and impact resistance. Window tinting provides privacy and protection from UV rays.

Happy Customers

Excellent customer service is the bedrock of a successful small business. To quote R. L Adams of Entrepreneur.com, “It’s about treating customers like you’d treat your family. It happens only by truly going out of your way for them and adding enormous amounts of value to the equation.” Absolute Perfection offers 15-year commercial warranties and 5-year thermal stress breakage warranties. Their customers rave about the prompt, professional service. The team responded quickly, did work in a timely manner, and cleaned up after themselves. Clients loved visiting AP’s spotless facility, and they love interacting with the friendly, helpful staff.

The Beat Goes On

Being named to the INC 5000 list of 5000 fastest-growing companies in American does not just happen. Absolute Perfection, like all other companies on the list, offers an excellent, innovative product that responds directly to clients’ daily needs. And it will continue developing its solutions for years to come.

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