Absolute Perfection Incorporated Rebranding (Press Release)



Sykesville, MD, Nov 14 – AP CORP

Absolute Perfection Incorporated, industry leader in the window film, commercial graphics, and digital advertising industry is rolling out an extensive company rebrand. Absolute Perfection Corporation (or AP Corp) will bring all of their sister companies (Window Film, Applied Graphics, and Digital Marketing) under one, unified brand. AP Corp’s sister companies have always worked together in close collaboration. After massive growth and inclusion in the INC5000 list of fastest growing companies, AP has chosen to unify their branding across all areas of the business.

Their logo, visual presentation, and core beliefs reflect an all-encompassing “AP Corp” company culture. Strategic Marketing Coordinator (Clarke Lyons), Graphic Designer (Phil Stroh) and Vice President (Chris Fong) collaborated to find the best solution and practices to unify the AP brand.

AP Corp, believes that all work performed by the team, regardless of their individual divisions, is a craft. Each person apart of the team constantly strives for perfection in every detail, never settling for the status quo. This drive to push for constant improvement and innovation has brought them to the rapid growth they continue to experience.
This company has embedded this culture into every fiber of their new rebrand. “This rebrand isn’t just a change in the company motto or a redesign of the logo… it’s a mission statement about who we are, and what we stand for,” explained Bill Valway, CEO of AP Corp.
“Specializing in our individual fields while having the creativity for collaboration, all working toward the common result of exceeding our customers’ expectations, is at the exact heart of what inspires our team to work as hard as we do. Thus, the design team has redesigned the logo to unify all divisions of the company,”

said Clarke Lyons, Strategic Marketing Coordinator at AP Corp, “and we’ve completely redesigned and rewritten our corporate website at apcorp.com. APcorp.com is our company’s parent website, and it focuses on the company mission, as a whole, which also makes it easy to navigate to each individual division.”

As the company has continued to expand, it has become a powerhouse within all three specific divisions. The design we chose was intended to reflect the cutting-edge innovation, camaraderie, and unity that are at the forefront of our culture. “No matter what our specific role here, we all feel it is our duty to always look for better solutions, to reject complacency or mediocrity. As our CEO once put it: ‘F#@$ the Status Quo!” explains Lee Emmons, Chief Marketing Officer, AP Corp.