Absolute Perfection’s 2018 Christmas Party

This year’s annual Christmas party was a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone involved who made it happen, we’re truly blessed to have such a great team of dedicated people on our team here at Absolute Perfection.

A Night of Raffles and Gifts

As part of our Christmas party, every year, we always try to have a little fun. This year, we had a variety of raffles and gifts—everything from gift cards, to a 50” TV, to a liquor package. There truly was something for everyone.

The biggest gifts we passed out this year were two all-expense paid trips to the 2019 Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” event in Los Angeles, CA. This year, Tony Robbins will be all about helping attendees create a life filled with passion, achievement, and reward. Tony helps those who attend develop an understanding of how they can create change in their own life and defy their own limitations. This year’s recipients were Becky and Kate—congrats you two!

Awarding Those Who Go Above and Beyond

In addition to the fun and games, we also continued our award presentation this year. Below is a listing of our various awards given out, their recipients, and brief description of what the award means.

MVP Award – Julie Eckert

The overall Most Valuable Person (MVP) award is for someone who management has compared against every core value we share. One person stood out to all of us, without question. With less than 12 months of employment with AP, she literally turned around an entire division of the company. Her name is Julie Eckert. Julie brings always delivers high-level quality work combines it with our love for our customers. We all know Bill’s favorite saying MUST be “Figure it out”. Well that’s what Julie has done with every task thrown at her this year.

Above and Beyond – Kristie Jones

Like our MVP award, this person is simply always going above and beyond. That means having a true connection with our core value of not being held back by their self-limiting beliefs. Kristie has had an excellent year and has grown in this company personally and professionally. She also is new to us this year and has taken a huge amount of ownership in her role right out of the gate.

Unbreakable Award – Kyle McDaniel

That’s exactly what this person is. This is someone who has adopted the AP brand and culture without hesitation. This person has required very little supervision but given a little direction and guidance has successfully made the first big step in the AP Corp Future. Despite some very tough challenges he faced this year, he has proven to be dependable, teachable, and will continue to rise as a true leader of this organization.

All Day Everyday Award – Bobby Hough

One of the most hard-working dependable people in this company, Bobby cannot go without recognition. This award is for attendance, but also energy. Bobby has shown up early every day and stays on the grind day in and day out. It’s one thing to do this, but to do it while spreading her energy and good spirit throughout the organization takes a special person.

Rookie of the Year – Samantha McGee

This is someone who has been with the company for less than 12 months. I hope all of us can look at Samantha as a staple of what anyone’s first year in this company should look like. She is always open to adopting new processes and even better; following them! I strongly believe how you show up for your first day, or week, reflects how the future of your career will be. She learns, she sets daily goals, and then she completes those goals. We cannot thank her enough.

Sales Rockstar –Kate Everhard

The award’s name says it all! Kate just shows up and makes it rain. I personally met with this person on her first day and told her want I wanted to see happen for the division in 2018, and she ran with it. She ultimately took our first ever core service offered and made it great again. She also is continually focused on self-improvement to insure our prospects, customers, and strategic partners are treated to a world-class experience with every single interaction with AP.

Million Dollar Club – Becky Duke

This is only the second time in history we have given out this award and it goes to the one and only Becky Duke. She set a goal 2 years ago to hit a number, it was a million dollars. I can’t help but think of the time Bill and I did the same thing about 5 years ago. AP hit that number and broke the threshold—and now so did Becky. It’s all about setting smart goals and hitting them. She has worked her butt off this year personally and professionally. Starting out at AP she had very little sales experience, but she was determined to reach the top. Congratulations to her current and future successes.

Not to Forget, Lasers

This year’s awards and raffles aside, this year’s Christmas party also included two intense rounds of company-exclusive laser tag and bowling. The Laser tag was probably the highlight of the night, as nothing really builds a team up like pitting each other against each other in an intense round of competitive laser-shooting action!

Looking for some more behind the scenes views of the party? Be sure to check out the Absolute Perfection Facebook page for some photos of the night!